Top 16 Ways on How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2023

When you’re crafting your digital marketing toolkit, you might be wondering how to get more followers on Instagram.

After all, creating a business account is only the first step. If you don’t have anyone following you, or more importantly – if you don’t have anyone relevant following you, then your efforts won’t pay off in terms of generating customers. You need to have a strong follower base to show great content to so they will convert into customers. 

But how do you find these followers? 

Well, here are 16 different ways how to get more followers on Instagram this year.

16 ways to get more followers on Instagram

1. Automate your Instagram growth

Growing your following on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult, especially in 2023. 

With an Instagram growth service like Kicksta, you can automate your growth just like you would your posting, analytics or any other task in your business. 

The founders of Original Grain, an innovative watch brand with a new technique, knew that Instagram could be an important part of their marketing plan. Original Grain has grown to over 150,000 followers on Instagram with Kicksta’s help.

Because the founders automated their Instagram growth, they’ve been able to focus their time on perfecting their watches and creating impactful content to be used in Instagram marketing. 

They’ve been able to monitor their analytics reports to see the consistent traffic Kicksta has brought to their account. Kicksta attracts real, organic followers who engage with their posts, not bots who just sit there and inflate follower numbers. If you’re looking for a way to quickly start getting more Instagram followers, consider automation. 


2. Explore Instagram reels

Reels are going to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2023. 

Whether you love video or hate it, it’s here to stay. If you haven’t created a Reel yet, now’s the time to do so. You can start with something simple. Just pick a song, point to various places in mid-air on-beat, and then add text where you’re pointing to that explains a concept or something about your business. 

Reels are popping up in everyone’s Instagram feed, so make sure you’re there, too.

Top Tip for creating Instagram reels in 2023

When you’re starting out with Reels, it’s important to start by posting consistently. The more Reels you create, the better you’ll become. That said, it can sometimes feel daunting to take on a new form of media. 

With Reels, try to create content that’s unique and relatable. Share glamour shots of your products or quick hacks of features your service offers. Create a lyric or dance video to hop on a trend, and then follow it up with something that only applies to your brand. As you test various video types and lengths, you can see what resonates with your audience. 

Use your insights tools to analyze your Reels to know which are performing best and track trends.

And have fun with it. 

Sure, this is business, but video should be enjoyable for you to make and for your audience to watch. It’s no secret that creators will reuse content from different social media platforms. That isn’t a bad strategy. In fact, it’s a good way to save time. However, if your marketing strategy is to simply repost your TikTok video, you might want to re-think that. 

Tweak it a little or at least record it outside of the TikTok app so you don’t have the watermark when you upload to Instagram, unless you’re trying to cross-promote.

Drunk Elephant does a great job with their Reels. 

This video feels like it could be something that any average person could have posted, not just a brand, which makes it feel relatable and accessible for many Instagram users.