The 5 Step Process For Producing Successful Money Making Ideas

I carry my phone with me everywhere. This small device has become my augmented self, a second brain and an always-on connection with the world. 

My phone is my Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t realized that the Metaverse is already here and Apple has been working on it since 2007.  

We are already living in a virtual world and have augmented reality all around us. The Metaverse sits in your pocket without you having to wear a 3-pound headset.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not wearing big ugly expensive goggles as that would mess up my hair. But online gamers either don’t have hair or don’t care.  

I am curious to see how Zuckerberg’s folly turns out as he spends a staggering $15 billion a year building out his imagined Zucky Metaverse chasing a rainbow.   

Sorry about the rant and…back to my smartphone. 

It is not just for checking my Facebook posts, for random scrolling of Instagram or watching the latest TikTok videos.  

My phone’s vital role is as my idea capture machine. I have lost a few ideas at times because I didn’t have it handy.

As I use my iPhone, the idea capture app I use is not complicated. It’s just the minimalist “Notes” app that is ready to go, sitting on my screen. It is much better than a notepad and pencil. 


Because I can send it straight to my email and it is searchable.

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