How to Optimize Your Web Page CTAs to Increase Conversions

The call-to-action (or CTA for short) is one of the most critical elements for conversions on your website. The call-to-action is the mechanism you offer for visitors to take their next steps towards becoming your customers.

A good CTA helps visitors through their journey, advising them as to the next step to take and serving as their guide through your funnel.

At least, that’s the theory.

However, when you get CTAs wrong, they can be worse than useless. Why would someone make a prepaid appointment for your services while they’re reading an article with your advice on how they can do things themselves?

Why would someone give you their email address in exchange for an ebook when they’re viewing your content for the first time ever and the page hasn’t even fully loaded?

Leads can be irritated by the interruption of an irrelevant popup and annoyed when your CTA doesn’t reflect their needs – sometimes so much so that they bounce off entirely, never to return.

The solution is to adjust your CTAs so that they match the situation in which they appear. It’s not enough to just embed the same CTA into every product page and blog post – you need to optimize and customize them according to the visitor’s mindset and position in your funnel.

That, in turn, requires you to understand visitor intent at every stage of the journey.

You’ll need to gather clues from all your analytics, and bear in mind what viewing a specific page of content says about what the viewer is experiencing and expecting. These are the parameters that should determine the CTA you use.

Track potential customers’ visiting history, and consider other touchpoints like whether they arrived at this page from an email, organic search, or external blog post, because each variant can affect your choice of CTA.

Here are five situations that you might find your audience in, and suggestions for how to best optimize your CTA for each.

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